Fee Schedule for Concierge Medicine

New Patient Intake for Identifying Root Cause of Disease

Appointment typically occurs Monday through Friday from 8-12, consisting of a thorough health history lasting up to 2.5 hrs, physical assessment (neurological and muscle testing when applicable) 1.0 hrs, discussions about how the environment is impacting health, and a plan for specialty testing and follow up after the visit about 0.5hrs. Each patient also receives Office Notes, a Supplementation Protocol - if deemed necessary. Life Notes (20+ copyright pages of key points that are important to be aware of- discussing how the environment can be impacting your health) and any other pieces of information important to their individual needs. All returned within 3 business days of the visit.

$700.00 4 hours+ on care/ $375 deposit required when booking (3hrs if you do a consult prior as the visit will be discounted to $600.00) ***Deposits are in-part non-refundable less the transaction fee if cancellations are more than 48hrs after booking. Deposits can be transferred and are good for a calendar year from the time of booking.

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Delivery of Results and Formal Recommendation

A recommendation will be presented to the patient. Collaboration occurs, and a realistic plan of care is finalized. Additional specialized testing may be ordered, and the patient/family is educated on how to execute the first steps necessary for recovering or optimizing health and well-being. This visit will include no more than one specialty test and lab work - notes to follow within 48 hours of the visit.

$500.00 2.0 hours

Hourly Rate

Established patients receive follow-up consultation that is typically scheduled for 30-90 minutes, unless the provider advises more time is needed. These visits are billed based on the amount of time the provider spends on your total case care- prep for telehealth and revisions to be summarized after visits. Follow-up visits typically occur every 1-3 months, depending on the complexity of the disease state and plan of care. Over time, the visits tend to become less frequent unless 1:1 support is needed for compliance. **Some people require more support than others. Appointments can be in the office or by phone/video consultation, and at times, electronic communication occurs - all time that is spent on care, from preparation in reviewing testing to the time required to summarize and put together what is needed for the next steps, is billable time. You are receiving care that is in line with concierge medicine without that initiation fee or monthly service charges. You only pay the practice for the time that is spent on your care.

$150.00/ 30 minutes, $300.00/ hour, $5.00/ minute

***Deposits are in part non-refundable, less the transaction fee, if cancellations are more than 48 hours after booking.


This kind of appointment is for those who are not familiar with a holistic approach to care, are unsure if they want to make the financial investment, or want to learn more about how care can differ from the holistic approach they have already received with another provider. Testing might be recommended. Time is spent frequently answering questions or getting a second opinion on prior testing. Patients who book consults are typically able to be seen sooner than those who present for the Functional Medicine Work-Up. They receive a 'crash course' of sorts on how to support the body. Consult time is always a payment due at the time of service or invoicing, and billing can cover phone calls, electronic communication, and time spent preparing recommendations.

$450.00 1.5 hour/ $150 deposit required when booking. The maximum time allotted is 90 minutes face-to-face.

***Deposits are in -part non-refundable, less the transaction fee if cancellations are more than 48 hours after booking.

Wellcare New Patient Intake

WellCare visits are offered for patients who are in need of a provider who values Informed Consent. Gretchen is certified and able to care for the newborn through the older adults. A New Patient intake form is required to be completed and returned within 7 days of the visit. If the intake speaks to chronic health issues, the provider will connect to schedule an appointment that better allows for the time to identify the root cause. WellCare visits are not for addressing chronic health issues. 50% Deposit Required at Booking

***Deposits are in part non-refundable, less the transaction fee, if cancellations are more than 48 hours after booking.

Newborn to Age 3 Years

$400 Establishes New Patient Relationship: 1.5 hours

  • **First Born: Additional $100 for Teaching Time
  • **Home Births: Additional $50 for No Prior Well-care Exams

Age 3 to 13 Years

$450 Establishes New Patient Relationship: 1.5-2 hours

  • **New to Holistic Medicine: Additional $75 for Teaching Time

Age 13+ Years and Up

$550 Establishes New Patient Relationship: about 3 hours

  • **These visits are not for patients who have a chronic health issue and are in need of a full workup to identify the root cause. Those patients will need to schedule a visit that will identify the root cause of the disease.

Diagnostic Lab Draw Fees

$100.00 Routine Draws- cash pay/no insurance billing.

Consult Specialty Test Fees(those that are not going through the functional medicine work up-
$150.00 First Test/ Deposit $100
$50.00 Each additional Test

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require 48 hours and no less than two business days' notice (weekends do not count as a business day- if you cancel on Friday for a Monday appointment, you could lose your deposit or run the risk of a cancellation fee. The cancellation would need to be made by Thursday). We all have busy schedules, so please be mindful of this policy. There is a $125 fee for missed appointments. For missed new patient appointments, the deposit is forfeited.

Deposits for New Patient Appointments can be used within one calendar year of scheduling should the initial appointment need to be rescheduled. It is also transferable to someone else if used within the calendar year.

This credit is only extended to those who give 2 business days (M-F) notice prior to cancellation.

***Deposits for appointments are non-refundable, if cancellations are made within 48 hours of booking a refund will be made, less the transaction fee.


An average of 9+ hours is spent on your case between the first two visits, so due to the extensive amount of time spent with patients, it is not always financially feasible to participate with insurance plans. Some exceptions may apply based on the discretion of the provider.

The company will bill most Medicare plans and most private insurances - with the exception of United Healthcare and HAP. If you have an out-of-network benefit, you can submit the super bill to these two plans. It does not make a regular practice of billing HMOs or Medicaid Plans.

ANY fees are due at the time services are rendered, or invoicing is received unless a prior payment arrangement has been made. Patients are expected to keep their accounts in good standing - payment is made within thirty days of billing. Patients with delinquent accounts run the risk of not having access to care and being turned over to collections. Invoicing is sent out after the first week of the month, and prompt payment is expected. The practice participates in Zelle for direct account transfer. Any merchant card used, including HSA and debits, is assessed a 4.0% transaction fee.

After each visit that is NOT a cash consult, you will be given a super bill with standard CPT and ICD 10 codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement or to be applied toward your in-network or out-of-network deductible.

Most diagnostic testing is covered all, or in part, by insurance plans. The practice is in-network with many insurances, so testing through traditional labs may be discounted. However, insurance billing for time spent may not be applicable. The practice aims to collaborate with you in order to provide the most cost-efficient care possible.

FH Therapeutics, INC is a secondary company that operates as a concierge consulting company and, when applicable, will bill for time that insurance companies might not otherwise cover or deem necessary as a concierge/medical consulting fee.

Please be sure to inquire about any questions you have regarding billing so there are no surprises or confusion prior to your appointment. This is the patient's responsibility. It is not uncommon for those with insurance plans being billed for care to receive invoicing from both Fundamental Healing and FH Therapeutics, INC (a concierge medicine consulting healthcare company).

Insurances that are accepted as an in-network bill include

  • Aetna
  • BCBS Federal Plan
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Cigna - Pending
  • HAP by May 2024
  • Priority Health POS
  • Medicare + Supplemental

***The office is NOT in-network with United Healthcare and does not intend to be in the near future.

HMOs (Managed Care Plans- not Medicaid Plans) provided through an employer or purchased as a private plan can be billed if the patient first secures a global referral from their primary care provider. The referral should be for one year to be seen for the chronic condition that needs treatment. The NPI # (National Provider Identification Number) for the global referral is 1811363641. The referral should be faxed to (844) 273-8145 before being seen at the first appointment to ensure all lab work is covered under the plan.